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Boiler repair and replacement, dishwasher repair, oven repair and catering equipment repair in Bexley, Kent.

Are you in the Bexley area? Do you need a boiler repair or boiler replacement? Or do you have catering equipment such as dishwashers and ovens that need to be repaired or maintained?

If you live or work in Bexley and you're looking for a replacement boiler, repair of an existing boiler or a brand new central heating system, HGB Heating & Plumbing can help you.

Finding a domestic heating engineer who is reliable, trustworthy and professional is essential for peace of mind in the event of remedial work on any part of your home heating systems, or a brand new boiler installation.

HGB Heating & Plumbing provide boiler repair and boiler installation services throughout Bexley. We are trusted by our customers to keep them warm in their homes, all day every day. We provide exceptional value for money, and straightforward solutions to all your domestic heating, boiler installation and boiler repair issues. We can also provide expert advice on the latest products designed to save energy and of course save you money.

Our boiler repair engineers are highly experienced and Gas Safe Registered and trained. Because of this we can guarantee a professional boiler installation or boiler repair team at your home in Bexley whatever the job is that needs doing.

We also proudly provide the best customer service possible to our commercial clients in the Bexley area. We strive to maintain clear and straightforward dialogue between ourselves and our clients, making sure that we understand and can deliver on their specific needs based on the budget the client has available for the work, and the deadline for completion of the work.

Apart from ensuring that our clients receive the best customer service possible, we focus on the quality of our services, providing the highest standard possible. All our engineers are Gas Safe registered and everyone in our team takes enormous pride in their work.

We provide our commercial boiler repair and boiler installation services in all kinds of enviroments from small single-business offices to large buildings throughout Bexley and the surrounding areas.

Every commercial client will have slightly different needs when it comes to boiler repair or boiler installations, which is why we decided to provide bespoke yearly maintenance contracts to a wide array of different clients. Our highly trained and qualified engineers are happy to offer their expert opinion on any facet of maintenance or installation required.

Dishwashers, ovens and catering equipment repair in Bexley

We're all aware of how critical it is that dishwashers, ovens and other equipment are properly maintained and that experts are on hand should you need to call upon them for repair or replacement.

We provide an extensive range of catering equipment repair services in Bexley. We also service, maintain and replace catering equipment such as ovens and dishwashers.

If you need to call us for help, or if you'd like a quotation for any of the above services- just call us on 0203 7277281 or 07525 538951 or, if you prefer, use our contact form. We look forward to helping you!

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Tel: 0203 7277281

Mobile: 07525 538951

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